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Neymar is set to be out injured for around a month.

Neymar took to social media to express his frustration through a touching message after being informed that he will be out injured for around a month.

“The sadness is great, the pain is immense and the crying is constant,”

“Once again, I will stop for a while doing what I love the most in life, which is playing football. Sometimes I feel uncomfortable because of my style of play, because I dribble and they constantly hit me.

“I don’t know if the problem is me or what I do on the field. It saddens me a lot. It saddens me a lot to hear from a player, coach, commentator or whoever the hell it is, that “you really have to hit him, “he falls”, “he cries”, “a child”, “spoiled” etc.

“It honestly saddens me and I don’t even know how much I can bear it. I just want to be happy playing football. NOTHING ELSE.”